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Reality Check: Concealed Carry

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Minding Your Own Business!

1-You are in a local convince store minding your own business, perusing the soda section for something to quiche your thirst when you hear, "Give me your money." From your position, your focus is drawn to the front register, where you realize the store is being robbed.

As a carrying concealed citizen,

  • What do you do? Make sure I'm not seen and subject is acting alone. If you feel the clerks life is in danger, make sure you're in a good position to take the best shot.

  • What are your options? Hide or fights.

What IF?

2. A man shot at a woman in the parking lot. One shot missed, and the second shot hit her in the ankle. One particular bystander who witnessed the shooting retrieved his gun from his vehicle in an attempt to stop the attacker. Ultimately, the attacker shot the bystander in the head, resulting in his death. USCCA Scenario: Should I Shoot?

As a carrying concealed bystander,

  • What would you do? Retrieve my weapon find cover where I could take the best shot

  • What are your options? Run hide fight

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Question 1 My options : stay out of sight, call the police or pull my concealed weapon and confront your the robber

Question 2. Find safe cover, warn shooter that I will return fire with sees on the shooter while calling police


Jul 21, 2022

Q/1: situational if the robber is armed with anything beside a fiream, and the robber doesn't have any way of getting to the clerk you become and observer. If the robber has the clerk in a life threatening position and you know that you can eliminate the threat without harm the clerk are any bystanders, take aim. And let your aim be true.

Q2: Per the supreme court you have the right to eliminate the threat. The suspect have already displayed the the disregard and has placed the public at risk. Per the supreme court you are justified in your act in trying to eliminate the threat. Let your shots be true....

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