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Based on firearms safety rules, you will learn proper safety and shooting fundamentals such as grip, stance, sight alignment, trigger control, & local and state laws. Live fire will be introduced at the end of the course to provide each student with a bridge between the classroom experience and the practice environment. 


The Training has three (3) elements that help you shoot well together.

 1: “Excellent Functioning Equipment & Range Etiquette” – A thorough safety briefing is presented covering the universal firearm safety rules. You will also be briefed on how to conduct yourself on the range and store your gear and ammo.  2: “Mental, Physical & Visual Awareness ” – increasing your mind and eye coordination. Focusing on one thing at a time and putting them in the right place is critical for good shooting. 3: “Bullet Accountability”- aligning to your target and successfully firing for point of impact shots. 

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A concealed carry is a gun that you have hidden from sight which is used to defend human life against

threats of death or serious bodily injury.

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Home Defense which can be defined as an incident where the house is occupied by the family or owner and they are confronted with an imminent and potentially lethal threat by an intruder(s).

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